MASTER MIND       "Master in mind & solution"

by Your Leadership International Business Consultancy     

Master Mind session is a real classicaI in Business Life.  An unforgettable 120 memorable minutes, with a resolution for all, a one time life experience you will never forget. High impact session for business professionals, who believe in openess, diversity, focus and result: for the ones, not looking for an excuse but looking for a solution. 

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I am Trixi, Beatrix Gabulya Independent Consultant with a strong international and leadership background of 25 years experience in Worldwide Executive and Management positions.

I am owner of Your Leadership International Business Consultancy, focusing on the following core activities: CEO Advisory, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Change Management.

I am co-owner with my husband of Bonjour Lifestyle, running this business in the retail sector: Interieur Project Developments for HORECA, Retail and Private persons, including design and prodution of own line. Available in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria.  

I am partner in "Connecting the Best" and offering market reasearch, partner aquisition, personalised advise and interpretation services in 4 countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary and Poland.